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I don't want to believe it...

Dear Love,

There's so much going on and I have no one to turn to...there's so much going on and I'm being left in the dark. Please come back to me. I just want things to be back to how they were but better. I don't want to believe you're like every guy and I don't want to believe you're just like him...ugh. Just the thought of HIM irks me. He's a non factor in my life and I want you to be a factor in my life.
History is honestly repeating itself and not in my favor.

I don't want to believe that you're like him please, please come back to me. 
I know I haven't been easy and I've been so complicated but I've changed to be a better woman for you.
You're the reason why I smile when I think about you. 
The reason my heart skips when you text or call. I love that feeling and I will feel it as long as you're in my life.

We've gone through so much...I've put so much of your crap and you've done the same for me. Lets not throw that all away...
You've been so patient and I haven't overlooked that...please realize that soon my love.

I don't want to believe you're like the other boys who roam this earth...I don't want to...


November 2012

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